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What's In The Bag

Camera Bodies:

Canon R7 (Main Body)

Canon SL3 (Secondary)

Camp Snap (Specialty)


Canon RF 18-150

Tamron EF 18-400

Canon EF 10-18

Canon EF 24

Canon EF 50

Vivitar Series 1 420-800 with 2x Converter (840-1600)

Canon Mount Adapter with Control Ring

Pocket Dispo


Haukland 18L Backpack

Haukland Camera Bag

LowePro Tahoe BP 150

LowePro Adventura SH 120 2


Joilcan 80/84 Tripod

Sunpak 6700M

Manbily Monopod with Feet

Joilcan Tabletop Tripod

Sunpak PlatinumPlus Flexible Tripod


SanDisk 256GB Extreme PRO

Seagate SSDs

Other Accessories:

Rode VideoMic Pro with DCS-1

Zeadio Camera Stabilizer

Altura Flash Diffuser Light Softboxes

Neewer 43 Inch Light Reflector Diffuser

Altura Waterproof Rain Cover

Altura Camera Hand Strap

Neewer RGB Light Wands

Tosuny Macro Extension Lens Adapter Tube

Ploture Ring Flash

Neewer ND/CPL/UV/FLD/Close Up Filter Kits

Neewer X12B Telepromter

Neewer F100 7inch Field Monitor

*Ryan and RCH Photography are not sponsored, endorsed, promoted, or paid by any of the above companies and all above equipment named is used due to photographer preference and confidence in certain brands/products*

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