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Spike, A Dedication

This is a post that I have avoided writing for the past month. One month ago, on March 16th, I and the RCH family lost our most special member of our family. I apologize in advance, this will be a quite long post- a dedication for such a loving and important soul is one that deserves every word I can write.

Spike was my childhood dog and someone that I created the strongest bond with for half my life. Spike was not like other dogs, and yes most dog owners do say that- but for me to say it is nothing shy of the truth.

For the 11 years that Spike was with me, he only did "dog behavior" in the house less times than my fingers can count... all in the first couple months in his forever home. Ever since those few ripped up cushions and a blanket, he didnt even go as far as licking something he knew wasnt his toys or his own.

Its strange to think, but at times he seemed more human than dog and I swear I could talk to him, even for hours, and he almost understood it all.

Besides being the greatest dog, which I dont think is under any dispute.. he was the kindest and most loving soul I have ever met. My family has had therapy and service dogs for generations, and I knew Spike was just the type to comfort others.

In the Summer of 2018, Spike and I became a therapy dog team- to this day the greatest achievement and honor I have ever done. Still one of my funniest stories of him, is that he could "only work alone"... meaning without other dogs being persent cause he was "too friendly" and would want to play. Crazy to think for a therapy dog isnt it? Spike and I would weekly go to local assisted living and care facilities in the Bucks County area, and Spike would love each patient just the same- calmly, softly, and happy.

When Spike began to get older I knew his days of being a therapy dog would come to a well deserved retirement, and in June of 2022 I decided to make the sad decision to do just that and no longer renew his and I's team certification.

In 2020, all of us were affected to one degree or another and the pandemic forever reshapped many ways of living and to be totally blunt... was one of the most unhappy times in most of lives for any time recently. As someone who lost a senior prom and graduation in spring of 2020 and started college on zoom in my living room, it was not the dream change in my life I wanted. But through it all, I can happily say that that year I was home, was the best year of my life and I owe it all to Spike.

Spike and I "gained" a year together that in reality never should have happened, we gained countless memories and some of my most treasured pictures with him came from this period of time. I took a summer off of working, and him and I. went of so many adventures that only two brothers, two best friends could dream of.

I truly could write a book with everything I want to say, and you know.. maybe I already have started to. With the good memories at the forefront of this post, I want to close by saying I miss you Spike.

Spike was, is, and forever will be my brother, my best friend, and my good boy.

Spike I dedicate this company, my work, and all that I do to you... and to keep your memory of love and pure joy as the purpose behind my work.

Brother you changed so many lives for the better and your legacy will last forever in the hearts of those you blessed with your love and comfort.

I love you Spike, my best friend.


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