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2022-24 / 2 Years of Photos!

Updated: Jun 19

Today, March 1st, marks the second business anniversary of RCH Photography. If you asked younger me what I would would be doing for a future career, never would I have told you that in my early twenties would I be taking photos in some of the most iconic venues in the northeast along with owning my own company.

This company has given me the chance to cover artists at the largest non-gated music festival in the nation, Musikfest. Hosted in Bethlehem, PA over a 10 day period with over a million guests and hundreds of artists and performers, Musikfest has been the gateway for RCH Photography into concert photography with a goal of promoting local artists.

One of my greatest honors has been working on assignment with the Quinnipiac Bobcats Sports Network in recent time. QBSN, a student run media organization focusing on all things Quinnipiac athletics, has given me the opportunity to cover games both at the premier Quinnipiac home facilities and on the road at famous venues like Ingalls Rink at Yale and Meehan Auditorium at Brown.

Two years ago RCH Photography was barely a company, with a copy and paste appeal that relied on the outdated portfolio I had to work with. Now 730 days later, I stand behind a portfolio of countless events, coverage of some of the most elite collegiate athletes, and photographic work in nearly a dozen states. RCH Photography has become more than I could have imaged it would be and I know that with another 730 days, this brand will only have more events and more coverage to stand behind.

From covering the magic of Christmas lights to the thrill of sports and the serenity of nature, RCH Photography has covered what its like to live in the moment and relive the memories through photos.

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